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New releases

T125 Steam turbine

Wilesco presents this turbine of the next generation in cooperation with „Gintschel Modellbau“. It goes without saying that this model on a high modelbuilding
level is Made in Germany. The nobel design in brass and red united on a black base plate shows in a smart way the basic principle of how energy is generated today. With its specially optimized boiler the turbine is equipped with sufficient energy to supply more than 10.000 rpm, including real turbine sound and gameplay fun. This steam turbine T125 is equipped with a powerful generator as well as a transmission for drive models which allows a simultaneous use. Power?
No problem! The production of the complete turbine using CNC guarantees an almost vibration-free running. This gem will be produced item by item and hence only an order-related production is possible.


Item n° : 00125 

D11 Steam engine

The new kit D11 by Wilesco and Tronico unites the steam engine and the popular metal construction sets. The kits of the steam engine D9 and an oil pump model are supplied on one big base plate. The illustrated description guides the user step by step to a complete steam model which can be changed again and again. The base plate serves as a platform for creative handicraft work and construction of further models.

Item n° : 00011 

M81 Castle fountain

This castle fountain of painted tin enlarges the range of Wilesco's drive models. The little buckets on a chain hoist draw water from a basin.  Nevertheless, in this case it is the connected steam engine  which carries out this exhausting work.

Item n° : 00810

H50 Stirling engine

The hot air engine was invented in 1816 and since that time it has not lost its attractiveness. This Stirling model H50 by Wilesco revives this fascination inspite its small size. Only by heating and cooling of the air thermal energy is transformed into kinetic energy. The engine is fixed on a significant wooden plate and requires merely the special Wilesco beeswax candle light (item no. 01434) for its operation 

Item n° : 00050  

D310 Foden Tractor "Mighty Atom"

The replication of an english Foden lorry of the year 1932 carries the type designation „Mighty Atom“. The filigree spoke wheels, the wooden platform and golden printed driver’s cab are only some features of this beautiful engine. This traction engine is quickly ready for operation and can be steered with the steering wheel.


Length, Width, Height :    410 x 190 x 250 mm 
Weight :                           3,5 kg 
Gift box :                          450 x 240 x 255 mm 


Item n° : 00310 

M49 Band sawyer

The worker at the band saw enlarges the number of busy Wilesco fellows. This model of painted tin is true to detail and also produced in Germany. Busily and patiently he works on his workpieces.


Item n° : 00490  

D2 Steam Engine

This Wilesco steam engine is smaller than any of our models up to now. You certainly cannot do without this tiny beauty. Heated with a candle light the filligree oscillating cylinder purrs up and down and drives briskly the sparkling flywheel. You will take delight in watching this mechanical masterpiece. The boiler capacity lasts for a run of more than 30 minutes. 

Baseplate         : 70 x 70 mm
Height              : 120 mm
Weight             : 0,2 kg
Special gift box : 90 x 90 x 140 mm

Item n° : 00002